Why Advertise

Airports, subways and train stations are filled with with travelers on their way to and from family events, business meetings, vacation and more. They are focused on recent or upcoming events and are inevitably tuned into messaging that reflects their mindset and ideas at the time. Trofie Media Network offers an opportunity to connect your brand to a captive audience that is receptive to your message.

Over 1.79 billion North American annual passengers*

1000+ strategically placed HD TVs with content designed to increase dwell time, entertain, and inform shoppers with relevant content and offers from advertisers

47% of those who have noticed a digital place‐based video display in the past month specifically remember an ad appearing on screen**

19% of those who saw an ad and made an unplanned purchase after seeing an item featured on screen**

*Airports Council International North America ACI-NA.

** SOURCES: WATR 2017 Annual World Airport Traffic Report, ReachTV 2018 Nielsen Airport Study, Airport Council International, Nielsen and 3rd party research, 50%+ origination outbound)

Affluent Audience Delivered With Minimal Waste

Airport passengers are people who invest in travel. They are ready to spend and often plan to buy things duty-free or products that are otherwise unavailable in high-street stores – like electronics or luxury products.

Desirable Audience with Growth Predicted in the Future

The airport audience is set to grow as the world becomes increasingly globalized, air travel improves and becomes more accessible and as people begin to reposition life experience in their list of priorities.

Airport Retail Proven To Drive Sales

Brand messaging at the airport speaks to shoppers who are ready to spend, and they offer the convenience of making the purchase right there and then.

Long Dwell Times Allow For Engaged Passengers

In airports, subways and train stations, brands have an opportunity to engage with people who in any other setting would often be too distracted with their daily lives. Because of long dwell times brands can communicate and tell stories to a captive audience.

Audience In Need Of Welcome Distractions

In the airport environment, passengers often wander the same gate areas for up to 2 hours. They will often perceive unique and eye-catching airport advertising as entertainment and be motived to purchase.
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